János Kulka teaches George Lang to speak after his strike

The singer of Pa-Dö-Dö was a guest but could be heard on the radio again, where he also spoke honestly about his condition and current life.


The lives of Györgyi Lang and János Kulka came together. They have known each other since they were children, went to the acting college together, then became a couple in love, and after their breakup, a close friendship remained between them. Now the stricken singer is helped by an actor who has also recovered from a similar illness, writes Glance.

As we have reported, the singer Pa-Död-Dö was taken to hospital in November with cerebral spasm. It was later revealed that after his malaise, he had difficulty speaking and is still working to this day.

János Kulka, who experienced similar problems in 2016, is now one of the mainstays.

They meet several times a week, and the actor teaches George to talk about it In Club Radio’s Five the singer spoke. Györgyi Lang, who has been the host so far, has now appeared as a guest, but the show reveals that he will be in front of the microphone again soon.

Mariann Falusi was now a guest on the talk show, and she was also talking about her illness and condition. Kulka told about János:

“Every other day comes, we teach each other to talk.”

They help each other, Kulka doesn’t leave his girlfriend alone. As it turned out, they were both treated at American travel neurosurgery. Mariann Falusi told me about this: “There’s something historical about you lying in the same room as Jancsi.”


He also sincerely testified that he needed constant help since his strike. He has been in a wheelchair for several years due to multiple sclerosis, but his condition has worsened due to his illness last year. He can’t sing at the moment because his vocals are weak.

“It’s hard now because my right hand is bad, lame, and I can’t go away alone.” That’s why it involves physiotherapists, nurses, speech therapists and friends.

“There’s always someone there, and it’s awful, but I also know my recovery now depends on my friends.”

Györgyi confessed.