Japanese fans think they have identified Midgar in reality – Nerd4.life

Some Japanese fans of Final Fantasy 7they believe they have located the real place which inspired the artists of Square Enix to make Midgarthe city where the game starts.

It would be a factory in Gunma, Japan, which actually shows a certain stylistic similarity with the iconic location of the most loved Final Fantasy ever, as you can see in the photos attached to the tweet below.

“There is a factory in Gunma, Japan that is making the rounds on social media for its resemblance to the Midgar city from Final Fantasy 7. The news even calls it ‘Gunma’s Midgar’.”

It should be noted that it was the Twitter user aitaikimochi, the author of the reported tweet, who brought this curiosity out of Japan. We specify that the factory of the photo is real, as verified by some users. This is from Toho Zinc which actually stands in Gunma, in the Annaka area.

Interestingly, it is a mineral refinery, which if we want it could have some connection with the activities of the Shinra. Did the fans get it right this time? However, many are already gearing up to visit the place in cosplay.