Japorã hopes to complete vaccination against covid in June – Cities

City Hall says it has about a thousand people to complete the application of doses in people over 18 years of age

The state continues with the leadership of vaccination in the country and should conclude the first cities with an immunized adult population this month (Photo Marcos Maluf)

One of the few good news for the people of Mato Grosso do Sul, the state continues to lead the ranking of vaccination against covid-19 in the country. This Monday (07) are already 43.8% people immunized with the first dose and 18.1% with the second. Of the 79 cities, 34 have a target audience under the age of 50 years.

The municipal secretary of Health of Japorã, Fábio Carlos Althoughna, explains that the goal is to complete the immunization of the adult population this month. “I’m in Campo Grande to see this issue. He has already had a conversation with the Secretary of State for Health, Geraldo Resende, to try to immunize everyone over 18 by the end of this month and to carry out a pilot project with other cities that are also able to complete the application of doses”, he said.

Today the city performs the vaccine in the 25-year-old group. According to the secretary, there are only about 1,000 people left to complete the vaccination in the city. “We have 9,243 inhabitants and we already have an estimated population of 5,600 to vaccinate. 4,320 doses have already been applied. Very little to go. We are doing sound work in the city, connecting people who are entitled to a dose and even actively searching homes when this is the case”, he detailed.

Japorã currently has only 14 active cases of coronavirus. Since the beginning of the pandemic, six people have died in the municipality. Of these, five refused to receive the vaccine against the disease. The municipality is still in the border region with Paraguay and has a floating population that also did not get vaccinated. Last month, negotiations began so that municipalities that share borders with other countries were prioritized by the Ministry of Health.

The president of COSEMS-MS (Council of Municipal Health Secretaries), Rogério Leite, explains that the approval of the request made by the group to the Ministry of Health to advance immunization by age group guaranteed the advance of immunization in the municipalities.

“The cities of Mato Grosso do Sul are unanimous when it comes to advances in vaccination by age group. It made the work much easier for everyone on the edge, so that all the working classes are affected, and there is no choice between certain groups. Of course, the amount of doses received is fundamental, but now there is legal and technical support that everyone is obliged to follow”, he explained.