Jaramillo will lead Sandovalera – Leader in sports

The rider Emisael Jaramillo confirmed Sandovalera’s commitment to the Caribbean International Classic, scheduled for the first week of December at the Camarero racetrack, Puerto Rico, with a prize of $ 400,000 in global prize money.

The champion is scheduled to travel to Isla del Encanto next week, and will arrive at the hands of Oscar Manuel González, the Venezuelan coach who will be in charge of her preparation and presentation in the central test of the event.

“Thank God and the Venezuelan owners who own the Sandovalera mare for their trust. It’s official, we’ll see you in Puerto Rico to represent my country, the doubts dispelled, Venezuela up ”, wrote the most winning jockey of the Caribbean Classic on the social network Twitter @JaramilloJockey.

Jaramillo won his first Caribbean Classic with the unforgettable champion My Own Business in the 2000 season, to repeat with Water Jet in 2010, Heisenberg in 2011, El De Chiné in 2012 and Ninfa del Cielo in 2014, the latter disputed in La Rinconada. He is also the winner of three Fellowship Cups.

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