Jared Leto organizes a surprise concert at the Louvre in Paris after warn his fans on his Twitter account – VIDEO


The Parisian fans of the American singer could attend the concert of it in one of the beautiful places of Paris yesterday afternoon. Currently visiting Paris, Jared Leto has pushed the ditty near the pyramid of the Louvre. At 15:30, the singer of the group Thirty Seconds to Mars gives appointment in the courtyard of the Paris museum, via its social networks, and at 17h his fans were present. . . In front of the pyramid of the Louvre, accompanied by his guitarist, Jared leto sang for the hundred fans gathered (see tweets below). Security, she was not seduced by the improvisational concert of the singer. Indeed, on the few shots taken during the event, we can see agents invite them to move. According to The Parisian , “after a little discussion, the American has agreed to move his improvised concert under the arcades surrounding the square courtyard of the Louvre”. Jared Leto then sang his biggest titles on the Pont des Arts, before returning to his car, and leaving his fans, who will keep a memorable memory of this improvised concert.


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