Jaroslav Krejčí: A simple investment in the S&P 500 beats artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence was and is, thanks to the revolutionary chatbot ChatGPT, one of the big topics at the beginning of this year. However, while large companies such as Alphabet and Microsoft are still preparing for its more extensive use, for example in internet searches, one exchange-traded fund – English exchange traded fund – has been actively using this technology in investment decisions since 2017.

The American fund The AI ​​Powered Equity ETF, presented under the abbreviation AIEQ, runs on the supercomputer Watson, which twelve years ago won over human opponents in the Jeopardy game, known in the Czech Republic as Riskuj. The investment company ETF Managers Group states on its website that the fund, thanks to artificial intelligence and enormous computing power, can assess thousands of companies traded on US exchanges from many different aspects and thus replace thousands of analysts.

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