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Jason Dean had to hold out for one night Missing 10-year-old was locked up in bus

Geithain (Saxony) – What a terrible night for little Jason Dean (10) and his family! The boy did not return home from school on Tuesday – the police started a large manhunt. It was not until the morning after that that the ten-year-old was discovered completely chilled on the school bus!

Jason Dean, 10, was locked up alone for a whole night! How could this happen?

The student of a Bornaer special school was not as usual on his way home from the school in Frohburg disembarked, but remained in the bus.

The bus driver had apparently not checked his vehicle when parking on the premises of the "Thüsac" in Geithain against 17 clock, the boy overlooked and accidentally trapped overnight. For hours, the little one must persevere in the bus.

The boy's mother eventually reported her child to the police as missing. The officers started a large manhunt, searched from midnight by publicity for Jason Dean.

In the morning finally the long-awaited message. A police spokeswoman: "A coworker found the boy around 7.15 o'clock in the bus." He was undercooled, but well.

Why Jason did not get off the bus as usual – whether he fell asleep or hid – has yet to be clarified. The boy is considered very shy. A criminal suspicion is excluded by the officials.

"We and especially our driver regret the incident very much," said Thüsac CEO Tatjana Bonert (37) Wednesday to BILD. "Actually, the drivers check the bus after the trip, search it, inter alia, for lost property. Unfortunately, this did not happen in this case. The exact circumstances are now being examined. "

The company now wants to interview employees and contact Jason Dean's family. juh



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