Javelin thrower Niklas Sagawe is in the mood for the athletics championships in Berlin

Season highlight in Berlin

At the weekend, javelin thrower Niklas Sagawe competes in the DM of track and field athletes. A total of five Schleswig-Holsteiners are in the starting lists for the top event in the Olympic Stadium.

How. The blue track, the living room of German athletics, attracts at the weekend. With their German championships in the Berlin Olympic Stadium, the stadium of the 2009 World Cup and EM 2018, the track and field athletes will be the focus of the “Finals 2022”, the national title fights in 18 sports. Being able to compete in the stadium with the famous blue track also fulfills the dream of five track and field athletes from Schleswig-Holstein: sprinter Julia Heinzel (Wellingdorfer TV), 800m runner Alina Ammann (TuS Esingen), 5000m runner Julia Kümpers (LAC Kronshagen) , triple jumper Joel Kuluki (LBV Phönix Lübeck) and javelin thrower Niklas Sagawe (PSV Eutin) will represent the SHLV. For 5000m runner Simon Bäcker (LAC Kronshagen), on the other hand, the DM hopes have burst. His time wasn’t enough to slip into the field of 24 starters.

Sagawe threw a personal best for the state championship