News Javier Camarena opens as a Frenchman at the Liceu

Javier Camarena opens as a Frenchman at the Liceu


From Javier Camarena it is written that he is "a singer of a very refined line, a belcantista of race", able to nail the 9 two of the aria Ah! mes amis, quel jour de fête! from the opera The fille du régiment, as he did in 2017 at the Liceu, where he also gave a bis. Xavier Cester also wrote to the ARA, concerning the performance of the Mexican tenor at And puritani, in 2018, which, in addition to "the spectacular of the sharp and over-the-top register, with two sustained bursts and nothing natural, and the warmth of the timbre, what fascinates most is that he sings with an extraordinary art of gradations, of the most delicate half-voices. " To the 43 years, Camarena sublime the bel canto. That is why he has decided to take a step towards the French repertoire, a facet that will premiere this Saturday in a recital with the pianist Ángel Rodríguez at the Gran Teatre del Liceu (8:30 pm) for which the tickets have been exhausted. "This has forced us to put eighty seats on stage, something that had only been done before with Pavarotti and Jonas Kaufmann," says Liceu artistic director Victor Garcia de Gomar.

"I have been tied to the bel canto for fifteen years, and I think with my technical base it is a logical step to enter the French repertoire, which is much more introverted, with more contained emotions. It's not as expressive as the Italian repertoire, but it puts the musical and melodic part in a more preponderant way, "said Camarena at the Liceu, a theater where she debuted with The elisir of love in 2012, two years before succeeding at the New York Metropolitan Opera with The Cenerentola of Rossini. When did The elisir of love, was already blessed by the fifth floor of the Liceu, “ the hardest bone to growl '', as the tenor says, and since then his appearances on the Rambla theater have been indisputable successes.

He now hopes to maintain his idyll with a recital in which, without neglecting the bellicose glory of Donizetti and Bellini, he will premiere some pieces that, he assures, will be fundamental parts of his repertoire for the next five years. He will show them in the first part of the performance, in which he will sing arias like Amour !, Amour! … Ah! Lève-toi soleil …, from the opera Romeo and Juliette of Charles Gounod, i Vainement, ma bien-aimée, of Le roi d'Ys by Edourd Lalo, as well as Donizetti's fuels, included Ah! mes amis, quel jour de fête!

The second part of the recital will focus on pieces that Camarena dominates with certainty and excellence, such as È Serbato a questo acciaro … I love her so much, and I love her face …, from And Capuleti e and Montecchi of Bellini, i Tombe degli avi miei … Fuck me little, of Lucia di Lammermoor by Donizetti. However, there will also be room for different material – for example, aria I get tutt'amor … (Ach, so fromm), from the opera Martha by Friedrich von Flotow. "She is one of the opera operas I love the most, and she hasn't been singing for some time," says Camarena, who in this second part of the recital looks for "an emotional crescendo." "The of Martha is a wonderful aria to bring us to the climax of Alfredo's aria The traviata". Indeed, Verdi will close the recital, or at least the part that is detailed in the program, because the tenor does not rule out surprises.

And at the Palau de la Música in 2021

The recital at the Liceu is the first of a Camarena tour that will also take place in San Sebastián, Oviedo, Malaga, Valencia and Madrid. And in March he'll be back in New York to sing The Cenerentola who consecrated him internationally. The busy schedule of the Mexican tenor also includes a recital at the Palau de la Música on January 18, 2021, the tickets for which have already been released. The operatic audience will have another date with Camarena at the Liceu next season, but neither the tenor nor Garcia de Gomar want to advance their title, or whether the repertoire will be Belcant or French.

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