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Is about Jax and Jett Saylers, two babies who are the product of two relationships of two pairs of twins: sisters Brittany and Briana; and brothers Jeremy and Josh Saylers.

According to the media ‘The Sun’, the pairs of brothers met in 2017 at a festival of twins. Since then, they started dating and, six months after dating, Josh and Jeremy proposed to Brittany and Brianna.

The two couples have been living in the same household since 2018, in Virginia, United States. They have also been sharing on social networks what the day to day of these families is like.

In the year 2020, the couples announced on their Instagram account that both sisters were pregnant and that they expected the two babies to be born at the same time.

“Guess what… Both couples are pregnant!” was the description of the photo in the publication.

Our babies will not only be cousins, but genetically they will also be brothers (…). We can’t wait to meet them and for them to meet each other too”, they added.

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From the moment they made the announcement, their followers have been aware of the babies on social networks. Many of them made comments of support and joy in the publication.

“Congratulations! You look happy as parents. It will be amazing and we are so proud of you,” one user commented.

The babies

Almost two years after the news, the couples shared a photo of the two little ones, who are physically identical, which astonished his followers even more.

“Cousins, genetic brothers and quaternary twins!” is the description of the publication on Instagram.

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According to the medium ‘Futurism’, It is possible to call these two babies brothers, although in theory they would only be cousins.

This is because when two children are born to two sets of twins, there is no difference in the genetic material, because it is exactly the same. For this reason, it can be determined that they are brothers and, being physically the same, they are also considered Twins.

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