Jayson Tatum has two goals for next season

Named for the first time in the All-NBA First Team last season and at the heart of the Celtics’ magnificent run to the NBA Finals, Jayson Tatum has taken a new step to get a little closer to the elite. But to really reach it, JT knows that he still has to pass an additional step, both physically and in terms of regular performance.

No need to deny the obvious, Jayson Tatum’s first NBA Finals were no match for his immense talent, and they represent a pretty brutal end to the many exploits the young Boston superstar has achieved over the course of the season. year 2022. Faced with the Warriors, JT generally got through it: clumsiness, fatigue, frustration… these are all terms that come to mind when we replay Tatum’s matches in our heads. And of course, what he wants today, it’s using this painful experience to continue your progress and maximize a potential that still freaks out the competition quite a bit. His qualities as a scorer, we have known them for a while, but it is above all his progress in playmaking that has allowed him to change dimension. Less predictable and more versatile, Tatum proved he was capable of fully taking on go-to-guy responsibilities…until he stepped onto the biggest of stages. Next objective now for friend Jayson, to avoid the few air pockets that sometimes plague our TTFL rankings and above all to be physically ready to hold out from the first regular season game until a potential Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

“I have to start better [que la saison précédente, ndlr.]. For this, my body must be at its best from the start in order to dominate night after night. That’s what the very best players do.

I take care of my body, I changed my diet a bit, because if you go to the final you have to add two more months of competition. You want to make sure you’re well prepared for this. »

– Jayson Tatum, via The Athletic

Unlike last year with the Tokyo Olympics, Jayson Tatum is not competing in any international competition this summer. The opportunity for JT to finally breathe a little, he who is the player to have accumulated the most minutes in the NBA since the arrival of COVID in March 2020. What to lay a good foundation for the upcoming campaign all the more that his right shoulder sore – which bothered him during the 2022 Playoffs – now seems to be a thing of the past. We can therefore expect to see a Tatum return in mid-October with energy to spare and especially the knife between the teeth after the disappointment of last June against Golden State. A mix that could well propel JT into the category of MVP candidates, especially if the Celtics manage to live up to the high expectations around them. The current workforce is very heavy with in particular the arrival of Malcolm Brogdon in the offseason, it can look anyone in the eye in the Eastern Conference, and the group has gained experience thanks to the great course of the last Playoffs. Translation, everything is in place for Jayson Tatum to bring us a real reference season, it is up to him to do what is necessary to break everything.

“(During the Playoffs) I learned that I was one of the best players in the world at 24 years old. […] But at the same time I can still improve in so many aspects, and that’s what’s exciting. I can be so much more, I can still learn so much and I still have so many experiences to go through. »

– Jayson Tatum

While the rumors concerning a potential transfer of Kevin Durant to Boston are still relevant, Jayson Tatum prefers not to pay too much attention to it. He knows his personal goals, and he knows what his team is capable of. From there, you don’t really have to think, you just have to work to keep growing.

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Source texte : The Athletic