Jazz bass player Roman Grinev dies

Jazz bass player Roman Grinev dies

Director of VR Jazz Agency Viktor Radzievsky reported that famous jazz bass player Roman Grinev died. Radzievsky also told that friends and relatives of the musician say that Grinev died as a result of a protracted illness.
It is known that Grinev had a head injury. Judging by the stories of Radzievsky, the musician had serious health problems after being attacked for the purpose of robbery. Among other things, the doctor who examined the musician, said that he suffers from short-term memory impairment. At the time of death Grinev was alone. It is noteworthy that the body of the deceased musician was found under one of the capital's skyscrapers, but friends and relatives do not believe that suicide could have been the cause of death. Producer Viktor Radzievsky is inclined to believe that the reason for Grinev’s death was a parasomnic disorder that developed as a result of a head injury. This disease is similar to sleepwalking, and close friends of the musician tend to the fact that it was the cause of the tragedy.
“This is not him, this is a disease,” said friends of the musician on Facebook.
Grinev recently turned 41 years old. It is known that he has a little son whom he raised. Grinev was a sought-after musician, as well as the founder of the Fusion Port band. He began studying music back in 2006, and achieved a lot in the music industry. He was considered one of the most promising jazz bass players in Moscow. Among other things, the musician founded the label GrinStar Vibrations. Fusion Port's concerts were held regularly, and fans of the group said that such non-standard music found its audience and was definitely worthy of attention.
In addition to the musical group Fusion Port, Grinev has participated in many other groups, including Funky Land Felix Lakhuti, Groovy Jam, Smitanaband, C.L.O.N.E and Mir Station. Grinev's group often appeared on such music festivals as “Jazz Manor”, ​​“Empty Hills” and “The Island”.

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