Jazz, her baby hospitalized after drowning: details of the drama, open investigation


New information has fallen on the causes of the hospitalization of Cayden (soon 9 months), the son of Jazz and her husband Laurent. While an accident rumor has emerged on Instagram, the site Public confirms this version and delivers terrifying details.

"While Jazz and Laurent were doing their product placement, Cayden and Chelsea were left unattended and the baby did fall into the pool! A few minutes later, Laurent realizes that his son is no longer in the house. He then sees Cayden inanimate and floating in the pool. Between his friends, their nannies and Jazz, chaos settles in the villa !", was it possible to read on the Instagram account bordel.tv, specialized in information about the stars of reality TV. A rumor to take with tweezers, but as indicated now Publicit turns out that Cayden was indeed the victim of an accident in the pool.

The little brother of Chelsea (soon 2 years) "was admitted to the emergency room after a serious drowningthey write, but the context of the accident is slightly different from the one reported on Instagram, and if the idea that parents were busy with their product placement remains, the site states that a nanny was present This is when one of the couple's friends would have asked her to give her a shirt, and she would have asked her friend to look after the children in his place. For several minutes, Cayden was found in the pool and it was his father Laurent who took him out of the water and gave him word-of-mouth.

Still according to the website, Cayden "has been in a coma for several hours and is currently in intensive careThen, our colleagues conclude as follows: "An investigation was opened on the spot."

Now, it is the parents' word that is eagerly awaited. Jazz and Laurent have announced that they will speak on social networks.

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