Jazz I Am brings new talent to Barcelona, ​​Spain

Kevin Le Gendre soaks up the sights and sounds of this musically rich symposium and exhibition

It was held over two days in the Catalan capital, Barcelona. jazz is me A symposium that focuses on both the Spanish and European scene, is complemented by several major exhibitions by many artists. Taking place at the floor-to-ceiling Jamboree Club, the fifth edition of the event puts the Netherlands in the spotlight, with Amsterdam a major hub for international talent, with plenty of improvised music created by many international artists. .

There is no greater example than in the form of the great Turkish cellist-singer duo Sanem Khalfa and Danish guitarist T-shirts cm. Subtly understated and emphatically expressive, the pair create music with tactile precision, using ghostly erasers of reverb and delay to good effect on emotive and haunting tracks. Sami is also a member of a band led by an Israeli drummer. chico salomon (based in the Dutch capital), packs a significant punch with its bright-eyed circus atmosphere, high comedy, and well-crafted solo and ensemble statements.

The whole ensemble is like marching back and forth with beats instead of weapons. Spanish-speaking ensembles also have comic power shaped by strict musical discipline. mambo reptileIt is led by Venezuelan keyboard and sound terrorists based in Barcelona Andrés ‘El Brigdo’ Rojas, the first words to the audience are cartoonish gurgles, suggesting excessive helium intake and arrested adolescence. But the band’s interpretation of the classic 1950s Afro-Cuban sound, Pérez Prado-style screaming, and the fuel injection of both thrash punk and opera is very different, especially with a strong rhythmic anchor of timbales and cowbells. and crisp, cementing the music without weighing it down.

With less enthusiasm but more respect. antonio lizana, a highly talented Spanish saxophonist and singer with an imaginative take on the flamenco jazz tradition, proves to be a fascinating way to close proceedings. He plays very sumptuous melodies that glide across the tempos, matching the wonderfully languid song with an equally dexterous trumpet blast. His tone is light and airy, fluttering to create vivid aural accompaniment for dancers onstage.