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Jean-François Laguionie, a poet of animation honored in Annecy

What a week for Jean-François Laguionie! A world premiere, a Crystal of Honor and the broadcast of his previous film on Arte …

"I do not know who to thank. The festival that gives me this beautiful thing … Or the audience who supported me. "

More amused than truly moved by the event, the filmmaker opted for the public, so much the cheers of the Bonlieu room were numerous. Even the paper planes, traditionally launched by the many students in animation school, interrupted their flight during the brief ceremony …

"I'm not going to do the old issue of the director who finds it was better before, but the first time I came to Annecy, it was in 1963. And there were not as many festival-goers today 'hui. In fact, during a picnic organized in the mountains, we were holding two buses! Buses with Norman McLaren, Jiri Trnka or Paul Grimault

Two years later, this disciple of Grimault (The King and the bird) wins the festival's Grand Prix for the short film The Demoiselle and the cellist, his first achievement. But the consecration comes in 1979 with Crossing the Atlantic by paddle, Palme d'Or and Caesar for best short film. This funny and cruel allegory about the life of a couple has not aged a bit.

Emeritus draftsman, adept of a clear line on the edge of naïve art, Jean-François Laguionie likes soft colors and pastel tones. He stages his drawings with care and with a great economy of movement, according to methods that have remained traditional for a long time.

But what he loves most is telling stories. " In animation, the drawing, the aesthetics of the film, tends to take precedence over the scenario. I want, modestly, to do differently. My freedom, I find it in history ", He explained during a wonderful meeting at the Piaff, Paris festival, in 2016.

A desire for freedom that he infuses his characters with feature films. In Louise in winter who had moved Annecy in 2016, he was pushing an elegant old lady on the deserted beaches of the robinsonnade.

Arte has the good idea to broadcast this Wednesday, June 12 on the air and on its site for a week. Do not miss it, it is below:

Meditation of infinite tenderness on the last stages of life, on memory and its loss, this shocking film was an ode to the discovery of freedom. To learn more, an interview with Flavien Edenne lets you hear the filmmaker on the length below:

Three years later, soon to be 80 years old (in October), Jean-François Laguionie returned to present a new film, his sixth, Prince's Journey (co-directed with Xavier Picard), in session event, this Tuesday, June 11th.

I had the opportunity to present to you two years ago an excerpt from the animatique, as well as an exclusive extract of this extension of the Castle of the monkeys (1995). Here again below:

In spite of a few script inaccuracies and a voice sometimes too present, this philosophical and political tale testifies, with a biting irony, of the madness of the men, through the principle of the foreigner observing the customs of an unknown civilization from him.

Designed in the form of a travel diary, the film starts with the discovery of the Prince we knew in the Castle of the monkeys beached on an unknown shore. Wounded and lost, he is found by young Tom and collected by his parents, two researchers forced into exile. The Prince, guided by his young friend, discovers with enthusiasm and fascination a society that is still frozen and sclerotic …

The prince's trip is faithful to the style of Jean-François Laguionie. The rendering of the animation in computer-generated images (3D) is that of the traditional 2D, while the memories of the prince have a more pictorial rendering. Everything is sublimated by sumptuous decorations and an elegant musical composition by Christophe Héral. The film is released on December 4th.

Meanwhile, the filmmaker is already working on his seventh feature film, Slocum, second part of a diptych of which Louise in winter was the maternal side. To be continued…

Stéphane Dreyfus

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