Saturday, 21 Apr 2018

Jean-Hugues Ratenon prepares the “great reversal”


FRANCE INSUBORDINATE. At the dawn of a new year, the deputy of the 5th district presents its future projects. The opportunity to tackle the political machinations of the recent election of Cyril Melchior in the Department.

And six months of backtracking for Jean-Hugues Ratenon. A semester in which the politician has responded to calls from parliament. The deputy of the 5th district, who has to his credit 123 interventions in the chamber and 1 887 amendments signed, promises that this is only the beginning of his fight. “It has mostly been a time of adaptation and learning, he says. I have experienced moments of fatigue, but also moments of joy, such as when the amendment on the creole at the school was adopted unanimously.”

Its building 2018 are ready. Anyone who has never hidden his distrust in the policy of “President of the rich” account firmly oppose the projects of control of the unemployed. As a reminder, Emmanuel Macron, in the campaign, promised to increase by five the staff of control. Latest controversy to date : the job center would consider to reduce or remove allowances in the case of a search is insufficient, or refusal of training. The mp Panonais is revolted : “Lack of ability to effectively combat unemployment, governors are struggling against the unemployed. The shortage of jobs does not justify this willingness to write off artificially which plaintiffs will continue to be a part of society.” The occasion to wake up one of the ambitions of his party of the “rebellious” : to adopt a law on the enforceable right to employment so that “the State undertakes to create conditions for citizens to access the work.


the second semester of mp will not be without political attack. Jean-Hugues Ratenon, who considers the new increase in fuel as a “big scam”, took the opportunity to tackle his opponents on the political reunion island transportation. “The population is locked up in the all-self, he says. The proposed tram-train has been abandoned in favor of a NRL in the budget huge. And local politicians do not make any resistance. I want to meet the President of a Region to have an explanation.” The member “ready to go down in the streets if necessary” calls on the population to react : “It is time to do a big cleaning. What happened in 2017 in the 5th electoral district shall become a textbook case. It is necessary to prepare for the big reversal from 2020, and I intend to participate.”

During the recent election of Cyril Melchior at the head of the Department, none of the 50 councillors present voted null or blank. “Two right-wing candidates, remained very vague on their projects, have managed to convince all the left, quipped Jean-Hugues Ratenon. the there have been agreements. Greed, elected officials churn out the contradictions. To the right, they are fighting until you get the share of the cake as expected. They prefer their own interests to the detriment of the people. The policies must explain their selections publicly, to regain a little credit.” And the member of parliament conclude with a final blow, launched with Stephane Fouassin, president of the Association of mayors : “When some ask them to help to survive to the end of the month, the elected officials do not have a budget. But they are able to find tens of thousands of euros to go to bat’ carré in Paris, the Congress of mayors. It is an insult to the population.”

Cécile Moutiama

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