The life of Jean-Luc Delarue was punctuated by the abuse of alcohol and drugs. Habits that leave traces and that the host was doing everything to eliminate and maintain its image of ideal son-in-law to viewers. From Jean-Luc Delarue, the audience remembers above all the smooth appearance of a perfect man from every angle. This "ideal son-in-law" side was unfortunately only a façade that hid many vices. Under his mischievous smile and listening ear was finally hidden a man lost and devoured by the demons of alcohol and cocaine. The lights he met on TV sets accentuated the dark side and the ideas that haunted him once the spotlight went out: "When Delarue leaves the studio begins the slow and painful descent," says Vincent Meslet in the book Jean-Luc Delarue , the star who did not like each other, whose excerpts were published in L'Obs. Until the day he tried to end his life by causing a car accident in which were also his fiancee at the time and his half-brother. >>> Death of Jean-Luc Delarue: the father of the host raises a new incoherenceThis true descent into hell was accentuated by the nights of debauchery that the host offered himself alongside a certain Hubert Boukobza, owner of Baths showers. As Vincent Meslet recounts, against a backdrop of heavy consumption of alcohol and drugs, "the two men go on holidays to chic places where sex tourism allows all fantasies": "If Boukobza lets cocaine and alcohol mark his body, puff and disfigure it, Delarue can not afford it. >> >>> The heartbreaking confessions of Jean-Luc Delarue in his book "His body is his capital, his raw material, his image, what he offers his audience," continues Vincent Meslet. It is out of the question to break this figure of ideal son-in-law that sticks to the skin and makes it nice. To preserve it, Jean-Luc Delarue is ready for anything: « [Il] becomes the pro diets, detoxification cures where he says "lose his dirt" and even goes to wash his blood. Details that are cold in the back.


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