at the invitation of Ladislas Polski, regional delegate of the RCN, it will be this Friday, November 17, at The Trinity, in the Alpes-Maritime, then Saturday in Marseille.

Bastien Faudot, your candidate, has had to give up the presidential election because they have managed to raise the sponsorship needed. Is this a sign that the MRC weighs more large-thing?
No. The MRC is recognized as having relevant ideas to carry high the colours of the Republic. Simply, those who give the referrals were made by choice under the vote.

Do you restart it? independently, or through an alliance, as are the two radical parties?
The topic is not to seek alliances. The MRC wants to first go to the meeting of its members, to collectively define what we will do tomorrow and respond to an emergency, which is to build an alternative to the liberal policy of Mr. Macron.

Think of you on specific topics?
Our project is known. It is deepening in terms of the period in which we are entered, characterized by a left crumbs. The MRC, attached to the gathering of the left, is ready to participate in any reconstruction effort, in the framework of a project of social transformation, which has been forgotten for years, which has encouraged the rise of the national Front. This requires the implementation of a right inventory.

Your assessment of the first six months of Emmanuel Macron?
The merit of Emmanuel Macron is to influence the foreign policy of France, in particular through a better relationship with Russia. In our country, we must encourage everything that helps to make France and access to a citizenship made up of rights and duties. To its credit, it is necessary to put also a realism in the field of education, through the first measures focusing on the fundamentals. Mr. Blanquer will there be the means of its policy, it is another matter… however, this is not going at all, it is the economic policy of Mr. Macron. He had announced a policy and the right and left. His budget, which is the moment of truth, shows that his politics is clearly liberal, and does not engage in a transformation progressive society.

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