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Jean-Luc Reichmannhis mum admitted to hospital emergency, amazing, blink of an eye. Jean-Luc Reichmann he always says, his mom Beth, who is now 86 years old, is the woman of his life, and his recent hospitalization was actually destabilized. Very worried for the woman of his life, the presenter has experienced difficult times.

After more than 2 months of confinement, the host star of TF1, had finally returned to the studio on Monday, 11 may, and as if to confirm his words, and remember how it was attached to his mother, he did not missed during this program, make a small tribute to them and to greet them warmly.

Because, in fact, sick, the mother of Jean-Luc Reichmann unfortunately had to be hospitalized urgently. Already during this quarantine required, the presenter confessed to have a lot of hard to bear to stay away from it during many weeks, and as he confessed also :

“What I miss the most is to see my mother, she was 86 years of age. We do talk about that by FaceTime while I have only one desire, and that is the squeeze in my arms, I fear for it.hadit assigned to the 12th April last.

However, at the beginning of the confinement, and her mother was well, and Jean-Luc Reichmann share photos of their exchanges videos on the social networks. But, a few days after her message, without knowing the origin of the disease that has affected his mom, we know, however, that she had to return to the clinic quickly enough. In addition to the stress caused by the confinement and worry in the face of the pandemic covid-19, Jean-Luc Reichmann had to make this new tense.

We can therefore imagine the stress experienced by the presenter of “the Twelve strokes of midday”, which was, in fact, be very worried, for the one who is the woman the most important of his life, as he likes to say himself. The father of a tribe of 6 children, and a husband who is very present, Jean-Luc Reichmann place family values above everything and is very caring for his people. It is also very close and very attentive to his dear mother of whom he takes great care and from which he never strays for long.

The interpreter of ” Leo M. mattei minors ‘brigade,” to admit also, that this period of confinement allowed him to be closer to her family, to stay with them on a daily basis, and to rediscover the simple moments, but unfortunately, times also, who have kept him away from his mother, whom he loves so much.

He had shared, during this time, a little thought for our seniors and for all those who were in the Long-term care facilities and away from their loved ones. A thought for his mum that he has had also for mother’s day. Jean-Luc Reichmann has been inspiration for a gift for his wife Nathalie LeCoultresince this latter has just to create an online store “” on which she sold a t-shirt in tribute to all the moms.

While working with her husband, including the writing of text for the “12 coups de midi” , but also for scenarios of the ” Leo M. mattei the minors ‘brigade” , Nathalie Lecoultre embarks on a new adventure, with a shop online on which it markets, as well a collection of clothing for men or for women, tables, bags or even pockets.

Products created by Nathalie Lecoutre itself, and inspired in particular by his various trips to Cuba or to Los Angeles. It is in this collection, Jean-Luc Reichmann drew his inspiration for this pretty T-shirt with the inscription of” my mom “. He also posted the photo of this t-shirt on his account instagram, with the caption : “Happy birthday mom, Ilooove “as to celebrate this day of the feast of mothers.

But after all these health problems, it seems that Josette Reichmann is finally out of the clinic, in which she had to be hospitalized urgently. We do not know the nature of the events that have led her to be taken care of by the doctors, but it is certain that, Jean-Luc Reichmann needs to be reassuredin both, he has never hidden his deep-rooted attachment, to the one who gave it to him on the day. Hard to imagine the sadness that he felt, if Josette were to disappear.

As this was referred to in the columns of the newspaper “Ici Paris” , Jean-Luc Reichmann” already know that it does not give not” . Anxiety today, completely behind him, as he ensures that his mom is fully back on its feet and is now perfectly well. A news that will certainly delight the whole family.

Jean-Luc Reichmann can now finally fully focus on his professional life and on his many projects. The moderator and producer will to be able to resume the normal course of his life, between the presentation of the show’s flagship TF1″ The twelve strokes of noon “but also the coming recordings of the new episodes of” Leo m. mattei brigade des mineurs “. In addition to its activities as a presenter and actor, Jean-Luc Reichmann was also the head of a production company, which he has just sold the rights to Endemol. Dubbed “ Jereluc “Jean-Luc Reichmann sold the company for an amount of 10.9 million euros.

With this acquisition, Endemol is now the only master on board to ensure the production of “Twelve strokes of midday” , and the presenter will focus more on the presentation, and not on the production (which was also part of the load. We do not know the reasons for this sale, but one can imagine that the moderator, wanted a little “lift the foot” .

As for the contract that binds him to TF1 it is still running and ends in the middle of the year 2021. But despite this deadline, it is hard to imagine that the presenter can put an end to his adventure with TF1, and the presentation of the game that became legendary, both audience figures are excellent for many years. With an average of 3 to 4 million viewers each day, the format to the antenna for more than 8 years, proved a massive hit again and again.


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