Jean-Marc Généreux and Cyril Féraud in a duo to raise the audiences

The dancer and the host now co-present the entertainment of France 2 with a new formula.

“Spectaculaire” is back on France 2. The first issue of this program, presented by Jean-Marc Généreux and broadcast on October 3, 2020, had relatively disappointing audiences, with 2.06 million viewers. However, the chain has decided to relaunch the program with a new formula. The former juror of “Dance with the stars” is now accompanied by Cyril Féraud. “ I felt a little bit lonely and they found me a perfect partner who has contagious energy», He notes. The presenter of “Slam” does not hide his joy at being associated with a live performance program: ” I love that! I have also been hosting the Monte-Carlo Circus Festival for almost ten years on France 3 and I think that’s what gave France 2 the idea to call on me. »

If the two men did not know each other before the shooting, their meeting was obvious: “ I watched what he does on television and found him benevolent. I was not mistaken. He puts people at ease and has a real empathy for artists. We are complementary and very close», Confides the dancer. Same enthusiasm on the side of Cyril Féraud: “ I really fell in love with Jean-Marc! I loved working with him. We divided the roles quite naturally. He brings his director’s gaze to the numbers, goes to meet the artists and conducts their interviews while I put on the costume of
master of ceremonies by managing the atmosphere and the game.
“Because, to bring humor and humor to the show, France 2 has decided to diversify the show. If the biggest current circus or cabaret acts are obviously still present, a touch of play comes to spice up the evening.

Gains for an association

Four personalities – Anne Roumanoff, Lola Dubini, Dave and Jeanfi Janssens – attend the show and then have to answer questions about each performance to try to win prizes for the association of their choice. “It brings something very special. Guests are amazed and their attention grows stronger throughout the performance because they know they are going to have to find the right answer.», Laughs Jean-Marc Généreux. Cyril Féraud adds: “We laugh a lot and this helps to highlight the difficulty of the numbers in a fun way.“Especially since the performances of the artists present in the show are bluffing. Trampoline, tap dancing, juggling, inclusive dance, acrobatic pole vault or even magic: an impressive and moving spectacle awaits viewers.

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A third issue of Spectacular has already been boxed. In the meantime, each of the two presenters is teeming with projects. Cyril Féraud shot a second “Champions Quiz” as well as four episodes of “The Treasure Map”. He will soon host “Le Grand Concours des Régions” special folk dance. Jean-Marc Généreux, for his part, takes out the book To the rhythm of my loves in Quebec as well as a film about his family.