Jean-Marc Rochette signs a committed work as part of the Street art festival

Jean-Marc Rochette is a man of passions. His life revolves around the mountain, drawing, painting, sculpture. Grenoble at heart, we remember his Chernobyl bronze inaugurated in 2018, near Hoche Park.

A committed artist, he is doing it again this year for the Street Art Festival 2022, on a wall in the Hoche car park, at number 7 rue François-Raoult, where he painted a work that leaves no room for interpretation.

Two large panels of yellow color, on which he drew 30 eyes out of their orbit, on the left part and two others on the right part… an explicit painting which he signed 32 provisional balance sheet, a reference to the Yellow Vests protests in 2018 and eye injuries arising from the use by law enforcement of LBDs, the defense ball launchers. A fresco which, quite unexpectedly, is located opposite the municipal police station.