Jean-Paul Delevoye cropped after his comments on the "clause of the grandfather"


The Elysée and Matignon did not appreciate the position of the High Commissioner, opposed to a very progressive implementation of the device.

By Bertrand Bissuel and Raphaëlle Besse Desmoulières Posted today at 11:00 AM, updated at 11:33

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That adds a bit of confusion to an already complex file. With less than a month of a strike that is expected to follow on December 5, the executive has spread its divisions on pension reform. For several weeks, the Elysee and the government are trying to defuse the anger that rises on the subject, repeating that all options are on the table and that the project will be implemented very gradually.

On October 28, Emmanuel Macron even mentioned the so-called "grandfather clause" scenario, which consists of applying the rule change to new entrants into the world of work, starting in 2025.

But this option does not suit everyone – in the first place, Jean-Paul Delevoye. In an interview at Parisian, the High Commissioner in charge of the file declared, Thursday, November 7, that he was opposed to this solution. "It would be like creating a 43e diet, he said. It's impossible ! " Yes "Grandfather's clause [is retained], you have to do it for everyone ", for a "Equity issue", what "Means that we give up reform", because it will only take effect after several decades. Mr. Delevoye had already confided recently that he was against such an assumption, but he had never expressed it so clearly in public.

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"There are not two lines"

"To ask a question and to give one's position to stimulate debate is the heart of the Delevoye method, no? "we defend in the entourage of the High Commissioner. The approach was, however, not appreciated at the highest state summit.

On Thursday, during the Council of Ministers, Mr. Macron and Edouard Philippe, according to a source in the executive, took the floor to recall, in essence, that"There are not two lines" but only one. It has been stated on a number of occasions – in particular, on October 28 by Mr. Macron or on September 12 by the Prime Minister, in a speech to the Economic, Social and Environmental Council. "The will is not to govern against the French but to take into account their opinion and their life course", adds the same source.

If Mr. Delevoye had already made similar remarks to those recounted in The Parisian, "It was not very clever to repeat it when we reaffirmed consistently for a month that the different assumptions are on the table", completes another advisor, within the executive.

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Not "a man of controversy"

At the exit of the cabinet, the spokesman of the government played down the event. "There are no line differences within the government", assured Sibeth Ndiaye, estimating that Mr. Delevoye had only manifested the "Who was his preference". But, she said, "It is the prime minister who is the head of government and who, as such, puts in œthe policy requested of it by the President of the Republic ". One way to remind Mr. Delevoye that he does not decide.

The message was perfectly received by the interested party. On Thursday, the former mediator of the Republic explained on BFM-TV that he is not "A man of controversy". "From the moment I give the political debate the options, it is up to the political decision-makers, the president and the prime minister, to decide, and this decision will be binding on all"he continued.

Friday morning, Mr. Philippe had to talk with Mr. Delevoye on the phone. A conversation in the shape of "Development", according to an actor at the heart of the file. Not to say a crop.

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