Mercato: Saudi Arabia, McCourt … The sale of OM is getting seriously complicated!

A little more than two weeks ago, several information concerning the sale of OM panicked fans. But since then, denials have been linked, especially on the side of the Marseille club, but not only. “Everything suggests that it is complete. The future of OM will change. OM will have the means ”. With this little sentence, Thibaud Vézirian dropped a bombshell concerning the sale of OM. According to him, Frank McCourt has agreed to sell the club to Kingdom Holding Company, the company of Saudi Prince Al-Walid bin Talal. Everything seemed complete and a press release was to formalize this sale. The only problem is that Thibaud Vézirian has unveiled his information for more than two weeks, and nothing is happening. The denials were even chained, especially in the entourage of Al-Walid bin Talal. “The prince is far removed from these viral rumors, and if we had to react to each rumor concerning him, it would be a full-time job”, confided one of his advisers to Challenge. And these are not the only denials. OM does not budge: the club is not for sale Indeed, within the OM leadership, we strive to deny sales rumors. At…

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