Jeep Renegade arrives as a hybrid. He has a whole new technique in his gut

In addition to the Jeep Renegade, the Compass also received a new electrified system. A new 15-year-old works under their hood.

Jeep continues to electrify its offering by launching its Renegade and Compass models in the new e-Hybrid. The public was surprised, it is not the expected mildhybrid, but a full-hybrid capable of running purely on electricity. The menu will be complemented by previously introduced plug-in hybrids with the suffix 4xe.

The technology in the bowels of the new Jeep e-Hybrid is completely new. Under the hood, a new 1.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine complements the 48V electric motor, as well as a new seven-clutch transmission with seven gears. The system achieves an output of 97 kW and a torque of 240 Nm, the electric motor itself provides power of 15 kW and 55 Nm. The front wheels are driven.

Jeep emphasizes that the new hybrid manages to run purely on electricity. However, due to the power of the electric motor, it can only do this in certain situations, when starting off, when maneuvering when parking or when driving in convoys.

As for the internal combustion engine, it is a new member of the Global Small Engine family. Turbocharged four-cylinder with a volume of 1469 cm3 is adapted to electrification, works in a more economical Miller cycle to increase thermal efficiency. The specialty is also a high compression ratio (12.5: 1), as well as a new cylinder head with a compact combustion chamber. There is also a double valve timing or a direct injection system operating at a pressure of up to 350 bar.

They were the first to see the new engine on the Italian market. Sales in other markets will be launched soon.

The new 15 will not be reserved for Jeeps alone. Its development was in charge of Fiat, which counts on it for the 500X SUV using the same technical basis as the Renegade. It is also expected to be deployed in Tip. It should also be used by Alfa Romeo, for its upcoming SUV Tonale. In addition to the full hybrid, the new combustion engine should also be used in new plug-in hybrids.