ComScene 2 is now the talk of the town on social media. From the twists and turns of the film to the dialogues, everyone could memorize. After watching the movie, many people posted their comments on social media both positively and negatively. BJP leader AP Abdullakutty’s comments on social media after watching Scene 2 are now noteworthy.

Abdullakutty says that when the narrator and the director are one, it will be a one-on-one film and that is this great film starring George Kutty, a family lover (Mohal Lal).

Facebook post by AP Abdullakutty

Jeethu Joseph
Scene 2 was seen.
During the flight to Delhi
The movie was seen on a mobile phone
The BJP was going to a meeting of national office bearers
Film is the art of the director …
This was our understanding
When the narrator and the director are one
It will be a one-on-one movie ….
That’s it
Family Lover George Kutty (Mohal Lal)
This is a great movie.
For current Malayalam cinema
It is a gift

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