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Jeff Bezos, pendant e-commerce Amazon, more and more rich amid the threat of a global economic recession. His wealth grew fat to US $ 172 billion based on the Bloomberg Billionaire Index. That means as much as Rp. 2,451 trillion (exchange rate of Rp. 14,250 per US dollar).

Quoting CNN.comOn Friday (3/7), Bezos’ wealth was the new record high he held as the richest man in the world.

Bezos last broke the highest wealth record after divorcing from MacKenzie, who won a Gono-Gini treasure of 25 percent of Amazon’s shares.

The divorce money led MacKenzie to become a wealthy woman, even placing her as a rich man in the world number 12.

Bezos’ wealth has multiplied as his company’s shares jumped by 56 percent.

It is known, since the corona virus pandemic, people’s lifestyles in shopping have changed rapidly from offline to online. Amazon, one of the e-commerce that benefits from the many activities at home.

Not long ago, Bezos, through his company, distributed bonuses of up to US $ 500 million or around Rp7.12 trillion to the front guard, such as drivers, couriers, and shipping service partners.

“Our front-line operations team has been making extraordinary trips over the past few months and we want to show our appreciation with a thank you bonus of US $ 500 million,” said Dave Clark, Amazon’s Senior Vice President.

Of this value, bonuses are US $ 500 each to full-time employees, including Whole Foods owned by Amazon or delivery service partner drivers.

Then, the employee or part-time driver will get US $ 250 each, the vanguard at Amazon and Whole Foods get US $ 1,000, including the company that owns the package delivery service to customers of US $ 3,000.

Then, a driver who works more than 10 hours for Amazon Flex will get a bonus of US $ 150 each.

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