(CNN Business) –– The economy may be a mess right now, but Jeff Bezos’ wealth is on the rise. He now accumulates nearly $ 172 billion, a new record for the richest person in the world, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

This week, Bezos surpassed his previous wealth peak, which he reached before the divorce with his ex-wife MacKenzie. Last year, the marriage broke up after 25 years of marriage. She received 25% of the couple’s shares on Amazon, which represents approximately a 4% stake in the company.

MacKenzie’s wealth also hit a record: She is now worth $ 57 billion, ranking her 12th among the world‘s richest people. Her wealth soared 54% in the past year, a nearly $ 20 billion increase, according to Bloomberg counts.

Much of Bezos’ wealth is tied to Amazon. It owns approximately 57 million shares, or 12% of the company. And its action has increased 56% in the last year.

Amazon has benefited from a huge increase in online shopping during the coronavirus pandemic, as physical stores closed or faced long lines as locks and closings took hold in the United States this year.

Jeff Bezos detaches himself from thousands of Amazon shares 0:57

The Bezos company, which has faced criticism for the safety and pay of its employees, said this week that it will give more than $ 500 million in a “thank you bonus” to the front-line workers who were with the company throughout the month of June. That move comes after the company eliminated a $ 2 hourly wage increase and double overtime pay for front-line workers in late May.

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Bezos’ wealth.

The 5 companies that have earned the most during the pandemic 1:12


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