Jeff Bezos reminds his employees that PowerPoint is prohibited in their presentations

Reading an essay is more effective, says the Amazon founder.

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24, 2020

2 min read

  • The narrative is important.

  • The bullets they do not work to convey ideas.

  • Anecdotes have a persuasive power.

No uses PowerPoint. Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon He reminded his employees that presentations in this format are prohibited in his company. The businessman assures that it is more effective to spend 30 minutes reading an essay that does not exceed six pages.

The different alternatives offered by the employer for their employees to make a proposal in a meeting are the following: papers, memos or essays maximum six pages. According to Bezos, “you don’t have to waste time listening to one person while the others are silent.”

Foto: Michael Seto | Business Insider

These statements were exposed in his annual letter to his workers. The CEO also added that a narrative structure was easier to understand than simple summary ideas. explains why essays are a better option than PowerPoint in a presentation:

  1. As Bezos says, narrative is important since people tend to remember things more when you tell them with the structure of a story.

  2. The problem with PowerPoint presentations is that being organized in bullets they do not tell a story, and these are not the best way to convey ideas.

  3. The stories are persuasive. It has happened to all of us that we connect more with a joke when someone says it is an anecdote. Through these small real stories, people connect with greater emotion so they retain more information.


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