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Jeff Bezos took off his rocket into space

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The richest man on the planet, Jeff Bezos, took off his rocket into space on Tuesday, and the flight is set to become a huge achievement in a young sector looking to make such trips accessible to privileged tourists.

Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson embarked on a similar journey on July 11, overtaking the Amazon tycoon in the billionaire race.

Blue Origin’s first manned mission is an 11-minute flight from west Texas beyond the Karman Line. The spacecraft took off at 8 p.m. locations (4 p.m. Lithuanian time) from the remote Launch Site One spaceport in the desert of west Texas.

Mr Bezos was accompanied by 82-year-old record holder Wally Funk, 18-year-old Oliver Daemen and Bezos’ younger brother and best friend Mark, who runs the Bezos family foundation.

The New Shepard has been tested on 15 unmanned flights to make sure the tiers separate smoothly and the safety mechanisms are reliable.

New Shepard flew more than 3,700 km per hour into space. speed. The spacecraft is powered by a liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen engine, the only by-product of which is steam.

the sludge detached from the launch vehicle, and when high enough, the astronauts unfastened their belts and suffered weightlessness for 3-4 minutes. The spacecraft reached a maximum altitude of 106 km, allowing crew members to admire the curvature of the planet as well as the blackness of the rest of the universe.

The launch vehicle automatically returned to the landing site just north of the take-off point, and the capsule fell freely on the ground using three huge parachutes.

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