Jeff Passan reveals which shortstop the Yankees will sign

ESPN reporter Jeff Passan revealed that the Yankees de New York are the ones who are going to sign Corey Seager in this dead season of the MLB.

Passan, who has great connections with the players’ agents, has nothing concrete so far because free agency has not yet started and teams are prohibited from calling players until the specified date arrives.

However, Jeff Passan thinks Corey Seager will be the shortstop the New York Yankees will sign this offseason.

Reasons that make your words make more sense.

  • Corey Seager is proven in the playoffs, championship series and World Cups.
  • He comes from a team of a giant press, a brilliant city and demanding fans.
  • As a left-handed hitter, he projects to have better home run numbers thanks to the size of Yankee Stadium.
  • Having a press on top and a city like New York is not going to be anything new for him.

The factor against

Seager is nothing special defensively, the Yankees are already tired of poor defense at shortstop for several seasons and it is a point to consider.

Seager numbers in 2021

  • 95 games
  • 306 de AVG
  • 16 home runs
  • 57 RBIs
  • 22 doubles
  • 109 hits
  • 394 of OBP, 521 of SLUG and 915 of OPS.