Jelgava City Council will retain all existing benefits for large families

However, Jelgava City Council will continue to provide various benefits to all large families next year, regardless of their income, reports TV3 Ziņas.

In order to express dissatisfaction with the intention to evaluate the income of large families from the new year before granting benefits, several dozen parents of large families gathered at Jelgava City Council this morning. Activists say that this has been the protection of the rights of all Jelgava residents, because there is no guarantee that benefits will not be reduced for other parents later.

Najezda Bulanenko, grandmother

“The picket was not only for the council, but for the residents. Let the whole of Jelgava and our residents see that we support not only our families, but take care of everyone. ”

To the surprise of the parents, the mayor and other deputies also came out to talk to the picketers. However, large families have the impression that the chairman of the council does not take the meetings seriously.

Baiba Ozola, mother of 11 children

“Ludza was recognized as the most family-friendly municipality last year. For my part, I suggested leaving, to see what good practices work there and to introduce them here in Jelgava, about which Mr. Rāviņš smiled and said – let them drive and learn how they are here. It shows the attitude that you don’t take us seriously at all. “

After the outrage expressed by the residents, the Jelgava City Council decided today, on September 23, that the procedure for granting benefits to large families will remain the same next year as before. Although two weeks ago, commenting on the wish to change the procedure for payment of benefits, Jelgava Mayor Rāviņš TV3 did not hide that the idea to save in this way arose because state support for families will increase from the new year, now the municipality justifies a misunderstanding. The vote to suspend benefits from January has been a temporary solution pending the development of new binding rules.

Rita Vectirāne (ZZS), Deputy Chairman of Jelgava City Council

“The Law on Social Services and Social Assistance has been amended, which stipulates that local governments must distinguish between the types of benefits prescribed by law and local government voluntary initiatives. That’s the only reason it was set for the end of the year. “

“To be honest, of course I don’t believe it. This issue would be quietly decided and the benefit would be quietly withdrawn, ”said Gatis Ozols, the father of many children.

Although the current council vote does not intend to change the existing support system, it has been a good lesson for parents not to blindly trust the local management. Parents are worried that the situation could change again next year. To ensure that the situation does not recur next year, the Jelgava Association of Large Families will be established.

The management of Jelgava City Council expressed its readiness to provide the existing benefits in the long run, provided that the government does not come up with new changes in the tax policy with regard to local governments.



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