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Status: 07/19/2022 12:07 p.m

Emojis have become indispensable when chatting. In September there will be new symbols for Apple and Android users. In addition to a pink heart, moose and donkey, a North German emoji has also made it into the selection.

Of the Blog Emojipedia has published a first preview of new icons, which should be available for iOS and Android devices from September 2022. While the look may change a little before then, it gives a hint as to what new emojis we can expect to see at all.

New emojis and hand gestures

A shaking face should come this year. The slightly blurred look apparently represents shock, surprise or disbelief. There should also be a pink, gray and light blue heart – and thus more color choices for heart emojis.

There is also a fresh hand gesture: the high-five emoji with left and right hands in different skin tones, which can also be used individually as a negative gesture.

Some everyday objects have also made it into the first emoji preview: In addition to a fan, a hair comb, maracas and a flute, there is also a root of ginger, which many have probably been waiting for for a long time.

With the jellyfish, a North German emoji is in the works

There should also be some new animal emojis. In addition to a raven, a goose, a donkey and a moose, a jellyfish is also planned. The latter can be integrated into the series of “eMOINjis”, which we could really use in the north and are therefore on our wish list. But we will have to wait a little longer for fish sandwiches, lighthouses, beach chairs and the like.

Further information

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