"I slipped into a kind of burnout," the 47-year-old begins a conversation around the campfire. The work in his restaurant and his TV career had gone to his head. "I became incredibly lonely, no partner, no family member, no friend got in touch with me," admits the cook. So his partner also felt the consequences of his revision: "I was really very, very, very difficult at the time, but it could not be otherwise, where was all the pressure?" In order not to collapse under the pressure, he had looked for another valve: excessive celebration.
On Jenkes question, how much he had drunk at that time, the 47-year-old replies: "Who can drink and still tell how much he drinks, has not drunk." A condition that did not last long. When filming Tim Mälzer suffered a collapse and then took a break. Today he knows why this break was so important to him: "I have had the opportunity to be heard and that's what I want to convey today: It's okay if you're in a crisis in your life and on the ground and then looking for help and there comes out very strong again. Everything else is past. " ,


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