This day a photograph of Jenni Rivera was leaked with a very provocative look, suggestive pose and a bold and red-hot neckline sheathed in an open jacket.

More than 6 years after her tragic death, Jenni continues to remember her fans. Whether because of the artistic and musical legacy left, the similarity that his daughters inherited or the different photographs that circulate from "La Diva de la Banda".

On this occasion, one of them came to light and left her fans perplexed, since the singer poses in a very provocative way and wearing her attributes in all their splendor.

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The image of the interpreter was uploaded to the Instagram account of the show 'The Riveras', starring Jenni's children, and in it is seen the "great lady" sitting, with her characteristic curly golden hair, striking accessories in the hand and neck, wearing a leather jacket and underneath it brings another garment that seems to be a thinner jacket open below the breasts, exposing these and leaving very little to the imagination of the fans.

To close the post, the profile wrote: "Jenni Rivera will always be in our hearts. We miss you, Diva. "

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The publication was close to reaching 4 thousand 'I like' a day after it was uploaded, and the comments from the users did not take long to appear, praising and missing Jenni Rivera.

"I miss you, diva. A great woman "," How beautiful "," The most beautiful in the world "; "The best … rest in peace and light for you, the eternal light", "Diva", "Beautiful", "The woman of the hue …", "God have you in her holy heaven", you can read.

And there was no lack of comparison between her and her daughters.


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