Jennifer Aniston is not in contact with unvaccinated people

For the actress, however, the glass now seems to be full, as she stated in her latest interview that people who haven’t vaccinated themselves are no longer a part of her life.

Jennifer put it that unfortunately some people are still anti-vaccination or just don’t believe the facts and it’s a shame. People who have refused the vaccine or are not told if they have been vaccinated no longer want to be listed as part of their lives.

Negative comments immediately began to pour in and scolded Aniston a lot. Many did not understand if he is already vaccinated and thus protected, then why are you worried about who will surround him?

Aniston responded to this comment on his community page for quite some time, explaining that if an unvaccinated person catches the variant and passes it on, he or she will be at most a little sick due to the vaccination, but will not be hospitalized or die. However, if you pass it on to someone who is also not vaccinated, it may even die. So you just don’t want to endanger those who aren’t vaccinated either.

We think Aniston’s line of thinking is completely logical. You, what do you think about that?