Jennifer Gray unrecognizable in new role

1987 would turn out to be the year in which the life of Jennifer Gray (62) would change forever. Then she made a huge success in the role of Frances “Baby” Houseman in the iconic “Dirty Dancing” film.

This happened after the success

In retrospect, it has nevertheless been quiet about “Baby”. She herself believes that the nose operation she performed in 1989 was largely to blame.

ICONIC: Jennifer Gray had her big breakthrough “Dirty Dancing”, together with Patrick Swayze.
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Now Gray is set to play the controversial cult leader Gwen Shamblin in the film “Gwen Shamblin: Starving for Salvation.”

Gray herself has shared a small sneak peek of herself in the role on Instagram, and she is completely unrecognizable, writes People.

“Call me Gwen,” she wrote under the photo.

Several seem to be excited by what they see.

“OK… you have my full attention,” writes one user.

“What an incredible change!”, writes another.

UNRECOGNIZED: The pop star is almost unrecognizable after this. Video: Instagram @brianmcfadden123
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A third user writes that she looks absolutely fantastic and that she “can’t wait” to see the film.

For the film, which premieres just before the New Year, the actor has gone through major changes.

BEFORE: Jennifer Gray from when the world first got to know her in “Dirty Dancing” Photo: Moviestore/REX/NTB.
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With bleached high hair and clearly defined lips, she assumes the role of the cult leader.

In addition to her role as Shamblin, Gray will return to her role as Frances Houseman in the upcoming Dirty Dancing sequel. Something that was revealed in April.

About Depp: - Crazy jealous

About Depp: – Crazy jealous

While it is known that she is returning to the iconic role, it is unknown how big her role will be in the sequel.