Jennifer Hoffman shows photo of what she says is “full Jopen”

Jennifer Hoffman has been enriching our television for years through her leading roles in well-known films and series. The actress can also present, but also takes on a photo shoot every now and then. She recently shared a throwback photo on Instagram where we can admire her in a bathing suit. The blonde added a remarkable caption, so let’s slow down a bit to take a closer look at the Instagram post.

Actress and presenter

Jennifer Hoffman was born 42 years ago in Gouda and knew from a young age that she wanted to be famous. At the age of 19 she had her first role, in the series West wind. More roles followed, but in the meantime she also participated in competitive shows, for example, she was featured in the program Crazy 88in which Nicolette Kluijver also participated.

Jennifer made her debut in the movie world when she landed a role in the movie Spy of Orange. In addition to her work as an actress, she can also be seen regularly in game shows, such as Who is the mole? and music quiz Act Normal. The pretty blonde later played the role of Hannah in the popular series The Lice Motherbut has been presenting the program since 2020 3 on a trip.

Jennifer Hoffman shows full Jopen on Instagram

The pretty blonde presenter recently shared a photo on Instagram in which she enjoys a refreshing walk in the water in a low-cut bathing suit. It’s a throwback photo of her posing for Jan Magazine, a platform for 30+ women. Jennifer is now 42, and can therefore without a doubt be placed in our list of the most beautiful women over 40.

In the caption we read that Jennifer talks about her ‘full joe‘ which can be seen prominently in the photo. The blonde still looks dazzling, and no doubt her followers would agree. The actress will soon be seen in the film alongside actor Frank Lammers All Inclusive, so we can admire her again on the silver screen. Until then, we have to make do with the beautiful photos she posts on her Instagram account.


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