Jennifer Lopez duet daughter Emme Muniz

The apple doesn’t fall far from its tree, it was quite likely that the children of a versatile talent like Jennifer Lopez would also be receptive to different directions in the performing career. The wonderful voice of her 14-year-old daughter, Emme Muniz, has already been heard by the general public a couple of times ago, as her little girl also appeared in a Super Bowl half-time show two years ago.

However, JLo’s teenage daughter doesn’t enjoy so much spotlight yet, which is why there was a special occasion when the singer invited her daughter to the stage at a charity gala concert at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles this week.

Emme is Jennifer Lopez Christina Perri A Thousand Years was performed. JLo conference their duet: “The last time we sang together in such a big stadium, I asked him to always have my partner, but he didn’t want to. So this is a very special occasion now, as it is very, very busy, tabulated, and very expensive. It costs me a lot to get me on stage with me, but it’s worth a penny because it’s my dearest duet partner of all time.“the star said.

Only the joint production is more touching than the conference, which has already become a favorite of Tiktok: