Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) has opted for an accurate
Examination of the UN migration pact. "The debate over the
Migration pact is still pending in the parliamentary group, "said Spahn,
who applies for the CDU party chairmanship
, theWorld on Sunday,
"It is important that Germany retains its sovereignty, migration
control and limit. "

After the USA and Hungary had on
Wednesday also announced Austria not to sign the United Nations Migration Pact. This called also in Germany an intensive
Debate about the agreement.

The Foreign Office warned against misinformation in relation to the Migration Pact and made it clear that
the United Nations agreement was not an international treaty. The pact
only formulate goals. The criteria and amount of immigration
remained "sovereign decisions of states," said one
Ministry spokesman and criticized that in the debate over the
Migration Pact "fears are stoked".

The one from the UN
initiated first "worldwide pact for safe, orderly and regulated
Migration "will take place at a conference in Marrakech on 10 and 11
December officially accepted. It includes a number of
Guidelines and measures, but their implementation is not legally
binding. It is about better international cooperation in
migration policy and standards in dealing with refugees.

 referred to in conversation with the World on Sunday that it is in the
Migrant pact not only to the receiving countries, but also to the host countries
 Responsibility of the countries of origin. There lies the real one
Key: "And the part of the debate must also play a role."

 Minister also opposed to the refugee debate
break up. "Displacing does not help," he said. So long with the
Migration problems are not perceptibly solved
"always come back to the subject and overlay everything". In the
Debate should not be taboo.



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