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Jeremy Corbyn

Union leader Jeremy Corbyn is again under pressure to abandon a second Brexit referendum after a poll has found a majority among the members of Momentum.

Only 17% oppose a so-called "referendum", while 52% want Labor to either reiterate in all circumstances or to hold no general election.

The Momentum consultation, which was set up in support of Corbyn's leadership, found that 92% of MEPs wanted Labor MEPs to reject Theresa May's proposal. 89% say a no-deal Brexit should be completely rejected and 82% think Brexit is likely to make things worse for them.

Labor's current position is to vote the deal if it fails to meet the Party's main "six tests" and then demands a general election. If no general elections are called, the party says that "all options" remain on the table, including a second referendum.

6,500 Momentum members participated in the Brexit consultation

But many of the members who choose Labor want the party to consolidate their position and actively engage in a second vote.

Alena Ivanova, the activist of East London Momentum, who launched the campaign for a consultation on the subject, said: "These results should finally suppress the idea that Brexit is just a problem for Corbyn's opponents. We – the overwhelming majority of Momentum members and Labor members – support Jeremy Corbyn and want to fight Tory Brexit.

"We are the people who deliver the leaflets, fill rooms and put Jeremy in the number 10, and we are not ignored."

It comes after some Labor MEPs, such as Lisa Nandy and Caroline Flint, have stated that they may be tempted to vote for a deal if conditions can possibly be secured that protect jobs.

Beckum Boumelha, a spokeswoman for Momentum, said, "It's not in the national interest to push a Tory Brexit out the back door that will destroy our communities and bring down the economy. A destructive Tory deal will be kryptite to Labor members. Any Labor MP who votes with the government will find it hard to explain themselves in their constituencies. "

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Manuel Cortes of the TSSA union

The poll of 6,500 members took place following a vote on the Customs Act in July, when three Labor MPs supported the government and allowed the Prime Minister to avoid the possibility of parliamentary elections.

The TSSA union, which strongly opposed Brexit and a second referendum, has asked Corbyn to take note of the survey.

Secretary General Manuel Cortes said: "Labor MEPs are aware of the party's six tests, and if they are not fully fulfilled, they know they would vote for an agreement that would harm their own voters."

He added: "Members have a clear view that a Popluar vote on the terms of an agreement that binds the Prime Minister of Tory is needed.

"This is no wonder given the breakfast the Brexit Tories made, but it's better to listen and learn before we jump."

Michael Chessum, national organizer of Another Europe is Possible, added:
"The evidence can no longer be ignored – the Labor-Liberals' activists are overwhelmingly in favor of a new referendum if there are no general elections.

"The most popular option in the poll was for a referendum" in all circumstances, "an incredibly powerful option."

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