Jeroom loses mother to cancer

Cartoonist Jeroom’s mother died of cancer on Monday.© Yorick Jansens

Last Monday, the mother of Jeroom Snelders (48) died of cancer. The cartoonist also lost his older brother Boris and his father to the disease in the past.

Road Desmytere

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“I lost my brother when I was twenty years old. My father died ten years later when I was 31,” Jeroom told James Cooke several years ago Gert late night. “So only my mom and I were left for a short period of time. She is, I think, the strongest woman I know.”

Jeroom made the program about his brother Boris, which can be seen on Streamz from next week and will be broadcast weekly on Play4 from April 5. That broadcast date had been fixed for some time, and “after consultation with all parties involved, it was decided not to change the antenna period”, the channel says.

With Bockie De Repper and Jonas Geirnaert, Jeroom went on a road trip through Canada to scatter his older brother’s ashes.