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TV“I think many people are shocked how well the picture is right”, says Jeroom Snelders (45) at the start of his second season ‘Junior Bake Off’. “Now that I have a son of my own, I do feel that I have a certain feeling for dealing with children. I have noticed: they can really take a beating.”

Eight new young bakers cross the rolling pins starting tonight in the second season of ‘Junior Bake Off’, and this time even a spectacular murder of none other than James Cooke is among the ingredients. “Not that I would really commit a murder to be able to present ‘Junior Bake Off’, but I would have found it a shame if they had already deleted me,” says presenter Jeroom with a wink. “I thought it was a great honor to be asked last year, and after my first hesitation – although it was more my environment that doubted than myself – it is now under my skin. I myself have a six-year-old at home, I now know how to deal with children, which makes a difference. I feel more confident now.”

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just about it

Jeroom’s sharp humor was immediately noticeable in the first season. “I love to just go about it, to upset a child a bit”, says Jeroom with a mischievous twinkle in his eye. “But I watch over the balance. I don’t mean to make those kids cry. Those guys can stand their ground. Especially in the second season they give a lot of resistance. Sometimes so much that I am speechless. But then of course they cut that out (laughs). No, actually my targets are Regula and Dominique, it’s the kids and me against the jury. That creates a very nice dynamic. By the way, Regula and Dominique are two very nice people, who deal with it in a sporty way. You can fire anything at those two. It actually feels like a summer camp, and we are the leaders. I always find it very difficult to send someone home.”

Jeroom, Regula Ysewijn, Dominique Persoone and the bakers © SBS


The iconic white baking tent is set up this year in the beautiful domain of the Rubens Castle in Elewijt. “It was a wet dream for a draftsman,” says Jeroom. “Every time the shooting stopped, I went to that castle. I got to places I probably shouldn’t be, right up to the attic. I have searched everything completely, but unfortunately I have not found a painting between the walls. (laughs) I thought it was very special to work there. The world of ‘Bake Off’ is already a fairy tale, you are in a kind of bubble in which you can escape reality completely. In any case, I am very happy that SBS has already decided that there will also be a third season and that I can be part of it again.”

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