Jesse Puljujarvi’s hours with the Oilers seem numbered

With only one month to go before the deadline for transactions which is set for 3 mars 2023several players should leave their current formation in order to come to the aid of certain teams which aspire to great honours.

This is what is likely to happen to the young forward of the Edmonton Oilers, Jesse Puljujarvi, who is currently going through difficult times in Alberta; he who only matters 10 dots in 49 matches.

Indeed, according to the well-known insider, Frank Seravalliof Daily Faceoffeverything seems to indicate that the end would approach for the old choice of 1ère ronde (4e total) des Oilers and 2016.

While the latter is in the last year of his contract 3 million dollars for a single campaign, Puljujarvi will officially become a restricted free agent (RFA) at the end of this season.

Recall that two weeks before his teammate’s injury, Kailer Yamamotothe Oilers general manager, Ken Hollandhad sent information to 31 other teams in the league that Puljujarvi was available.

While Yamamoto will be eligible for a return on 12 next February, Saravalli believes that Puljujarvi could find takers among the following teams: the Florida Panthers, the St. Louis Blues and the Tampa Bay Lightning.

In addition, the Chicago Blackhawks, Buffalo Sabres, Anaheim Ducks, Arizona Coyotes, Columbus Blue Jackets and the Canadiens could be attractive destinations for the Oilers to get out of this contract.

Do you think an NHL team will try to revive the Swedish striker from 24 years or will he be a collateral victim of the salary cap?

Let us recall that in 308 matches in the Bettman circuit, Puljujarvi only scored 50 goals in addition to adding 58 assists for a total of 108 contested games.