Jessi Uribe explained why she did not appear in San Antonio, Tolima: “I did it to take care of you”

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In the last hours, the popular artist Jessi Uribe became a trend on social networks, after the mayor of the municipality of San Antonio, in Tolima, accused him of canceling a concert just because “he didn’t want to get his shoes muddy.” Given the criticism that he began to receive, the artist decided to make public some videos of the conditions in which they wanted him to appear.

To respond to the accusations of the local mayor Jorge Ivan Vasquezthe artist began by clarifying that did not cancel his presentation, but postponed it due to weather conditions and emphasized that he did it for safety reasons.

“A very special greeting to all my people from San Antonio, Tolima, this video is to explain to you the situation of yesterday and Why didn’t I show up? Clarify that at no time did I cancel, I only postponed the show due to this situationI’m going to show you videos, things that you didn’t see”, expressed the artist recognized for his time in the ‘A Otro Nivel’ contest.

The artist proceeded to show some images in which it is seen that all the high-voltage wiring and the other sound equipment were totally wet. In the same way, that in the part where the public should be located was muddy and people were in the water.

The singer Jessi Uribe explained why he did not appear in San Antonio, Tolima

“It was not for me and it was not for not getting my boots dirty as the mayor saysRather, I did it taking care of him too, because he was a danger to you, “added Jessi Uribe.

The interpreter of ‘Repítela’, ‘OK’, ‘Como si nada’, among other songs, also showed the way in which his team had to enter the stage, images in which it is seen that people placed some boards and bricks so as not to fall into the mud that had formed before the heavy rains. Also, that he had to go through a narrow place to get to the stage; however, Uribe stated that it has never been a problem for him to get dirty or wet during a presentation.

It should be remembered that the local president said that “he canceled this event, Jessi Uribe looked at the conditions and says that she cannot sing, that she feels sorry and it bothers her to get her shoes muddy to comply with the people of San Antoniowe are going to file legal actions, Jessi Uribe and her production group they are faltonsVasquez said to the enraged crowd.

Jessi Uribe and the mayor of San Antonio, Tolima, Jorge Iván Vásquez
Jessi Uribe and the mayor of San Antonio, Tolima, Jorge Iván Vásquez

About, Jessi Uribe expressed that “I am used to getting wet and singing wherever they put me, but it was your life, of the people who were in the show. The platform was sinking due to the water, there were people under the stage, those who work fixing the sound and electrical parts” and contradicted Mayor Vásquez by showing videos that made it clear that the stage was indeed wet.

The famous, who is a couple of the also popular singer Paola Jara, insisted that continuing with the presentation in that state was a danger not only for him, but for all team workers, attendees and the local president himself. Also, Jessi Uribe clarified that he came to San Antonio, because he had his lodging therebut who did not go on stage taking care of everyone’s life.

I did it taking care of you. It makes me sad what the mayor does generating hatred, I’m not cut out for that… He left saying he didn’t want to see me there, it’s something he decides, but I am ready for when they confirm the new date, I am ready to go because you are not to blame for this, it was the weather’s fault”, concluded the artist.


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