Jessica Cediel and Mateo Carvajal reveal private Instagram chats

25 Aug 2021 – 5:31 p. m.

The presenter and the athlete showed the burning messages that are crossed through the social network.

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For a couple of months, Jessica Cediel and Mateo Carvajal have been involved in rumors about an alleged romantic relationship, however, the presenter made it clear that it was only a friendship.

Now, influencers are once again a trend on social networks, by publishing some screenshots of private chats in which, according to their followers, they are risque.

“Family, I am going to share something with you because I am not hiding anything. You know that I have been talking to you about the whole history of ‘Sex life’ (Netflix series) and all this summer that I have (lack of sex), and the ‘duck’ just replied to me to tell me if I needed something he was at your command (…) And that is Mateo’s problem, who in private says one thing and in public does another or why do they think I call him the ‘duck’ ”, said Jessica Cediel.

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After a few hours, Mateo He gave his ‘statements’, assuring that that story was missing a part. The athlete said that for some time, the presenter was inviting him to see ‘Sex/life’, an erotic series from the platform Netflix.

Finally, Jessica assured that if at any time she needed the ‘services’ of Mateo, she would seek him out. However, the athlete assured that he would have a lot of willpower.

“No ma’am, what did you say? Christmas? Guys, beware of willpower because things are worked and not only won by a pretty face, we have to give ourselves our place, “he commented with laughter.

Let’s remember that the influencers met personally this year and Mateo has sent some details to Jessica, with the aim of trying to conquer it.

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