Jiang Hongjie appeared to respond to leaving Huayan and his ex-wife Ai Fukuhara still contacted privately | Entertainment | CTWANT

Jiang Hongjie attended a fashion event today (29). He appeared in a high-necked sweater. He gave him a high score of 80 for his dress. He said with a smile, “I think I should be able to support it.” Mentioned with the agency. Is “Huayan International” about to run out of appointments? He responded generously: “I don’t think so much so far. I like to challenge when I work, and I don’t rule out any development.”

Regarding the brokerage company that is about to fill up, whether it will quit, Jiang Hongjie said that he does not rule out any development. (Photography/Jiao Zhengde)

In July of this year, Jiang Hongjie and his Japanese wife Fukuhara Ai divorced and each actively developed their careers. When asked about the rumor that Aila-chan’s ex-wife will return to Taiwan for her birthday, he said: “No.” But it is rare to reveal that the two still have contact, “Because there are still children, they will still contact.” He also revealed the two children. He didn’t clamor to see his mother, “It seems to be okay now. It should be said that I will take them out and out as soon as I have time.”

Regarding “All-Star Games 3” which will be broadcast on December 5th, Jiang Hongjie said that he will still serve as the leader of the red team, but the rest of the program is still unclear. Now it is for “All-Star Games Dome Flagship Concert Kaohsiung Stadium” at the end of the month. Conduct training.