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Original title: Jiang Weize: It is difficult to dream of playing for the country, but this is not the reason

Beijing time on July 16th news, the men’s basketball Asian Cup continues today, the Chinese men’s basketball team will usher in the last opponent of the group stage Chinese Taipei men’s basketball team, the winning team will be ranked second in the group to advance to the knockout.

Jiang Weize, who performed well in the last game before the game, accepted an interview with Xinhua News Agency. He said that he is very grateful to the country and Gui Gui for their trust in him. Although he received the order very suddenly, it has always been his dream to play for the country.

In the last game, Gu Quan’s key goal at the last moment helped the Chinese men’s basketball team narrowly beat the Bahrain team by 1 point. Jiang Weize’s step up after the men’s basketball team’s two main defenders were sent off was also very crucial for the team. Although the game won’t be beautiful, for Gu Quan and Jiang Weize, it can be described as a battle to become famous!

There were 20 points in the game and 12 points in the third quarter. Jiang Weize stood up when the team needed help the most.

“At that time, several big brothers on the field had already been sent off. I thought about getting up in my position, mainly wearing the national team uniform and fighting for the country!” Jiang Weize said: “Guide Du, coach The team and the players gave me confidence, and when I came here, they also told me to shoot when I had the chance, which established my confidence.”

In the end, Jiang Weize also said that although the team has encountered a lot of difficulties at present, there are still some problems exposed in the game, which need to be summarized in time. “It is indeed difficult for the team now, but this is not an objective reason for everyone, including the game process, everyone has seen it, there are indeed some bad points, and I still need to go back and summarize.” Jiang Weize said: “My own perspective is still Every minute and every second, work hard for the country and the team, fight for every opportunity to play, and live up to the trust of the country and Gui Gui.”

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