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Jim Ryan, PlayStation Europe veteran, is the new president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment

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He is best known for an unusual camera and some exaggerated quotes for backwards compatibility, but Jim Ryan, PlayStation Europe veteran, will be the new President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment from April 1st. The established gazer John Kodera has decided to give up his current role as Deputy Director and Deputy President in response to the "relentlessly fast paced" video game market – but the restructuring of the management has a little more to offer.

Indeed, Kodera – who has always been billed as a Network Maestro – will focus his efforts on the PlayStation Network, while Ryan will take over the rest of the business. Kenichiro Yoshida, CEO of Sony, said, "I believe that this new structure, in which Jim manages the overall organization and operations of SIE, gives them the opportunity to focus on the key task of developing PSN, which has become one immensely large platform has developed 90 million monthly active users worldwide – will enable YOU to accelerate its innovation and development even further. "

This is a rather selfless step by Kodera, who clearly believes that his focus will be better on the service side of the business. "We have therefore come to the conclusion that Jim best manages the overall management of YOU and that I will head the network area to continue to provide innovative services and experiences in which competition with many new developments is becoming increasingly intense who join the business, "he explained. "Jim has extensive knowledge of the game business and industry, as well as a deep understanding of the PlayStation culture and its strengths."

As far as Ryan is concerned, he may not be the most popular player among the main players in the past, but he has been with PlayStation since 1994 and is one of the players responsible for the absolute dominance of the brand across Europe. "Working with John and the SIE team around the world, I strive to strengthen relationships with our business partners and continue to deliver the ultimate interactive entertainment experience that makes PlayStation the best place to play," he beamed ,

Our view? This makes a lot of sense, even though it is pretty crazy for Kodera to break down effectively to focus on an important part of the business. There is no doubt that PSN will be a cow for Sony, and in intense competition it needs a steady hand. Kodera was promoted to the top because of his deep understanding of the networking material. When Ryan takes over the daily tasks, he can now focus on his area of ​​expertise.



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