The main beneficiary appears to be Beto O'Rourke, the Texas Democrat who hopes to depose Senator Ted Cruz. Mr O Rourke's campaign has raised more than $ 69 million. The average donation was less than $ 50 in the last quarter.

This Senate race alone is expected to cost more than $ 100 million, a record.

– Stephanie Saul and Rachel Shorey

HUDSON, Wisconsin. – Vice President Mike Pence ran about an hour late for his rally with Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, one of the country's most vulnerable Republicans.

And that Saturday afternoon delay gave Jacquie Niccum, who waited patiently with her red cap, "Make America Great Again", plenty of time to think about what the Tuesday's interim elections meant. Not that she needed it.

"Right now, it's important for us to get this immigration under control," said Ms. Niccum from nearby River Falls, not far from the Minnesota border.

Like many people surveyed across the Midwest in the past two weeks – from Iowa to Missouri to Minnesota and here in Wisconsin – many Republicans have used just seconds before calling immigration a top priority.

The reasons why they see this threat as a threat have several similarities. Although the southern border – and the caravan of Latin American migrants citing so many of them – is physically far away, it is very close to them. Immigration causes them problems because they add too much debt. It's a security issue because they say the government may not know everything about anyone coming in.

And many of them, according to Niccum, "do not want the United States to change and transform."

She added, "We must maintain our values, our principles that make this country great."

– Jeremy Peters


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