The Minnesota Timberwolves keeper, Tyus Jones, was stranded in Los Angeles on Tuesday while the college basketball season in Indianapolis began 2,000 miles away.

His younger brother Tre, a freshman at Duke, was due to leave Kentucky for Point Kentucky on Tuesday night, and with the wolves' schedule Tyus Jones had no time to jump commercial flights back and forth to see the game in person.

This means that he would be forced to watch the game on ESPN, like the rest of the country.

But the Minnesota Guard Jimmy Butler heard of Jones's predicament. He chartered a private flight for the two to fly to Indianapolis for the match and then fly to Los Angeles in time to face the Lakers Wednesday night.

Butler did not finish the journey. But with his older brother in the arena, Tre Jones scored six points in 2 out of 7 shooting, but conceded seven assists and seven rebounds. He played 30 minutes when the No. 4 dusted Blue Devils No. 2 Kentucky, 118-84.

The athletes Jon Krawczynski first reported the story.

"That's my guy," Tyus Jones said about Butler during ESPN's broadcast (via Yahoo! Sports). "Very selfless. He was supposed to be here, but something came up. He told me to go anyway. "

"It's crazy," he added. "I'm used to putting on the duke jersey. Seeing Tre with the Duke jersey outside is something special. "

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